Archive | December, 2011


8 Dec

At the beginning of the semester I was conflicted about what outlet in the communication field I wanted to pursue. I was unsure of what outlet I wanted to pursue and felt behind. However, throughout the semester I have learned about various aspects within the PR world that have assured me that I am in the right field and specialization. Two of the most important concepts I have learned are how to create a message that engages a specific audience and how to brand myself as a person.  This course has given me the courage to present myself to professionals in my career by strengthening my public speaking skills. As a communication major, I will have many more presentations to come so the courage this class has given me will allow me to present myself successfully and professionally.

I can now confidently say that I am studying public relations and that I want to explore nonprofit and possibly agency life.

Plus! Within PR I learned about two great websites: WordPress of course and PrDaily

Thank you for a great semester Andrea!



8 Dec

My intention in pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Communication at St. Edward’s University is to focus on organizing and creating effective relationships as well as publicizing organizations, in particular organizations that focus on supplying developing countries with basic necessities. My ultimate goal is to encourage others to be proactive in my community. I strive to fight for the lives of children who cannot fight for themselves by highlighting issues facing children in poverty, abuse, and neglect.

After graduating from St. Edward’s I hope to make my goals a reality by pursuing a career in public relations for a nonprofit organization. To prepare myself for the nonprofit world, I will be starting my first internship at KLRU/PBS this month. I am hoping to get an insight on what makes a nonprofit strong and how they manage to keep loyalty and relevancy with viewers/listeners.  Within the next six months, I hope to successfully balance school, two jobs, and my internship. While I realize it will be a hectic semester, I am ready to take on the challenge and step into the real world.




7 Dec

While I have enjoyed many of the presentations from PR class, my favorite so far has been Chelsea and Rachel’s presentation. I feel they captured the essence of true PR specialist because of their dedication and commitment to showcasing what their company was all about. To begin, I enjoyed their costume choice. I feel it suited the ice cream parlor theme perfectly. Secondly, I admired the cause they were attempting to promote and feel they had lots of creative thinking when coming up with their presentation topic. I believe it is easy to promote a product but harder to promote a cause. Chelsea and Rachel rose up to the challenge and were successful in engaging their audience. The only suggestion I have for them is that I would encourage them to speak in front of the podium instead of behind it. This would help engage the audience deeply by giving them the opportunity to make direct contact with the audience.