Finding My Place in PR

23 Nov

Today I have come to terms  with the reality that in PR, not everything is as it seems. While the world of PR may have its glamorous aspects, there are many unglamorous qualities as well. Although I am well aware that in the real world, not everything is perfect or even enjoyable, it is sometimes difficult to hear about the hardships and obstacles PR pros endure. During class today our guest speaker Dawn Wellington from Wellington Group entertained my class with stories about her struggle to get to where she is now. While I found most of her struggles and lessons learned very motivating, they also got me thinking about what I am willing to compromise for work. As I have heard over and over again, you must be passionate about PR because it will consume you once you start. This is where I struggle. I am not sure what aspect of PR I am willing to consume myself with. Nonprofit, Agency, Corporate?! There are many great options and each is very different. What is up to me is trying every aspect out and seeing what the best fit is for me. So I have decided that starting in December, I will  dedicate myself to experiencing PR.  I will begin my first internship and see what I learn about myself and the career of a PR pro. While I may just be a 19 year old student, I am well on my way in finding my place in PR.


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