Video Blogs, Video Blogs!

12 Nov

Throughout my PR class, I have learned about social media, networking,  press releases, and much more. One of the areas of communication I would like to learn more about is video blogging. While I have learned a lot about blogs through lectures and PRDaily, I  want to explore video blogs and analyze  how effective they are in motivating people to act on a cause.

As an aspiring PR specialist for a nonprofit, I want to learn how to make people listen. I feel the public is more inclined to listen when there is a face or image attached  to the message that is being said to them.  This is why I want to engage in video blogging. After seeing how popular my favorite video blogger, Community Channel,  became after a short amount of time, I was inspired and intrigued to learn about blogging not just with words but with a face!

Check out Community Channel’s Video Blog for a quick laugh! Community Channel

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