Social Media in the PR World

9 Nov

  To be honest, before my PR class I did not understand nor did I value the use of social media. While I have had a MySpace and Facebook, I recognized social media as simply a passing trend. Since my PR class, however, the relevance and importance of social media has been engraved into my brain but for good reasons.  I honestly had no idea of how powerful media is in terms of communication, promotion, and motivation between people to people.  If I have learned anything it is that social media is power! It gives anyone and everyone the opportunity to be heard, be seen, and be talked about. Social media essentially is every public relations specialist’s dream!   Since learning about the perks of using social media, I have done some research on companies that were saved because of communication through social media. While I may not be savvy in social networking, I now understand and appreciate the ready-at-hand power social media has given us. Their stories have inspired me to get out and explore the world of Facebook, Twitter, and more.

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