PR Pro in the Day, Lover in the Night

2 Nov

Recently, I read an article by blogger Jeremy Porter talking about how working in media relations is a lot like dating. There is the struggle for how to pitch yourself to the person of interest, how to say what you want them to know about you without sounding desperate, how to remain faithful to that one single person, how to have a “game plan” to keep them interested, and finally, how to ask them for a follow-up date. These keys elements are not only what will lead to a successful date but, if applied to the PR world, could also lead to a good connection between a PR pro and a journalist.

It is important to remember that the one major key in establishing a good relationship between you and your interest is by getting to know them. There is nothing worse than having someone talk about themselves without any regard to the other person. Additionally, you must recognize that if you are trying to have someone commit to you, you must commit to that one person. While it may be difficult, these are the steps to initiating a strong and beneficial relationship.


After all, once you master the art of PR, you will have already attained the skills in love!






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