Career Goals & How St. Ed’s Will Get Me There

19 Oct

While I am still in the stage of finding my place in the public relations world, I am sure of two things: one, I want to work for a company that values the well-being of children and two, a company that is proactive in helping raise awareness of a current issue. Through some research, I have found various companies that function by these two principles. One of which includes TOMS Shoes.  TOMS shoes stands out to me because it is a company based on the idea that we create the change we want to see; therefore, it correlates with what I am searching in a future career. Since TOMs is based off of San Francisco, California and has now spread around the U.S.  so it is a national organization.  I find TOM’s mission and pro-activity in making a difference very inspiring. My study in Communication will help me attain a job at TOMS because it will help me gain an understanding in how to reach a wide audience and also learn how consumers think, feel and what motivates them to take action.

My advice to students interested in the PR world is to really engage in conversations with different people so that you understand how people think and are able to send out a message they understand and/or are drawn to.


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