12 Oct

Public Relations, as stated in its name, is a field that requires relationships between publics. That being said, the number one foundation of a good relationship is strong communication which is composed of strong listening skills. Throughout our everyday lives, listening influences how we transition from situations, conversations, and relationships. What we hear is what inspires our actions; therefore, without listening, good PR is simply impossible. Additionally, listening is important within the public relations field because we are promoting factual events. Without listening correctly, messages could be misinterpreted or vital information about the subject could be lost. What matters most in the PR field is inspiring an action from your audience and the one sure way to do so is by listening to what society demands. As Writer Don Martelli puts it, “Listening is a cyclical thing. If the client listens to their audience, and the PR counselor listens to the client, a strategic program can be developed that is based on audience needs and is executed as such.” In conclusion, listening is highly valued in the public relations world because it is what links a message to an audience.


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