Social Media, Love & Other Addictions

5 Oct

Wake up. Turn on Laptop. Check Facebook. Go to class. Get bored. Check Facebook. Meet up with friends. Take picture to put on Facebook.ETC.

Everyday I find myself in a cycle of media. It is frigthening but I have come to terms with the fact that everyone and everything is hooked on social media. The reality is, social media is ony getting bigger. As time passes, media is getting a tighter grip on our every day lives. There is NO escape. Our generation has allowed media to enter into our lives. No privacy, no restrictions. In exchange for our personal space, we have given up our appreciation for one-on-one time with people and outdoor activites among the many things we no longer indulge in. WHY? Why have we left the simple pleasures and hooked ourselves to computers and phones? Because social media addiction gets the best of us. We want more and social networks like Facebook and Twitter allow us the power to not only know what our friends are doing but what EVERYONE else is doing. Life is in the palm of our hands (or on our screens) and oh, do we like that power.



Obsessed- Social Media Addiction

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