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Career Goals & How St. Ed’s Will Get Me There

19 Oct

While I am still in the stage of finding my place in the public relations world, I am sure of two things: one, I want to work for a company that values the well-being of children and two, a company that is proactive in helping raise awareness of a current issue. Through some research, I have found various companies that function by these two principles. One of which includes TOMS Shoes.  TOMS shoes stands out to me because it is a company based on the idea that we create the change we want to see; therefore, it correlates with what I am searching in a future career. Since TOMs is based off of San Francisco, California and has now spread around the U.S.  so it is a national organization.  I find TOM’s mission and pro-activity in making a difference very inspiring. My study in Communication will help me attain a job at TOMS because it will help me gain an understanding in how to reach a wide audience and also learn how consumers think, feel and what motivates them to take action.

My advice to students interested in the PR world is to really engage in conversations with different people so that you understand how people think and are able to send out a message they understand and/or are drawn to.



12 Oct

Public Relations, as stated in its name, is a field that requires relationships between publics. That being said, the number one foundation of a good relationship is strong communication which is composed of strong listening skills. Throughout our everyday lives, listening influences how we transition from situations, conversations, and relationships. What we hear is what inspires our actions; therefore, without listening, good PR is simply impossible. Additionally, listening is important within the public relations field because we are promoting factual events. Without listening correctly, messages could be misinterpreted or vital information about the subject could be lost. What matters most in the PR field is inspiring an action from your audience and the one sure way to do so is by listening to what society demands. As Writer Don Martelli puts it, “Listening is a cyclical thing. If the client listens to their audience, and the PR counselor listens to the client, a strategic program can be developed that is based on audience needs and is executed as such.” In conclusion, listening is highly valued in the public relations world because it is what links a message to an audience.

Social Media, Love & Other Addictions

5 Oct

Wake up. Turn on Laptop. Check Facebook. Go to class. Get bored. Check Facebook. Meet up with friends. Take picture to put on Facebook.ETC.

Everyday I find myself in a cycle of media. It is frigthening but I have come to terms with the fact that everyone and everything is hooked on social media. The reality is, social media is ony getting bigger. As time passes, media is getting a tighter grip on our every day lives. There is NO escape. Our generation has allowed media to enter into our lives. No privacy, no restrictions. In exchange for our personal space, we have given up our appreciation for one-on-one time with people and outdoor activites among the many things we no longer indulge in. WHY? Why have we left the simple pleasures and hooked ourselves to computers and phones? Because social media addiction gets the best of us. We want more and social networks like Facebook and Twitter allow us the power to not only know what our friends are doing but what EVERYONE else is doing. Life is in the palm of our hands (or on our screens) and oh, do we like that power.



Obsessed- Social Media Addiction

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