Press Release: RIP Print, Welcome Digital

28 Sep

Print is out, digital media is in! Let’s face it, times are changing rapidly. Trends are coming and going just as quickly as they are created and press releases are no exception. While they may have been popular throughout the 1900’s, PR is progressing and quickly shifting from print to electronic. Yes, press releases are still very much alive within our society but their traditional form is dead and has been dead for a few years now. Although the progression is difficult, it is long overdue. Nowadays, it appears that people’s interest in reading is declining therefore; it has become easier to reach out to people digitally! And in twitter’s case, through 140 characters or fewer! The social media allows messages that are no longer conveyed in print press releases. This allows for a strong relationship between the media and the press by permitting media to take the old form of press releases and create new and exciting changes. RIP traditional press releases.

The downfall of the press release

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